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The key factor in successfully landing business in Europe’s profitable markets is to have the knowledge of the diversity in mentality and business practice in those so different countries.


business aggregator europe offers the unique service to international companies to conquer the European Market. Focused on high-tech companies business aggregator europe acts as a reliable business partner and bridgehead in the specific European markets. Its team advises in competitive positioning for long-term success, country sales structures, pricing, placement, communications for sustainable customer generation and cooperation for a quick and successful penetration of the markets.

The team of  business aggregator europe has been working in the high-tech industries for more than 20 years. Based on outstanding competency in managing European subsidiaries and due to the knowledge in European laws and compliance regulations the team, from leading management, sales and marketing positions, has been extremely successful in developing the go to market and revenue growth strategies in European countries.


business aggregator europe has developed a unique approach, to ensure international companies a successful and economical conquest of the European market with continuous and transparent monitoring:

The Quick Market Access (QMA©). Step by step the team of business aggregator europe analyses the specific market potential, market entry barriers, local competitive environment and customer behavior, sets up the business and victory model, generates sales and runs the business as long as the client requires the support.

To guarantee transparency all the time and through all processes QMA© also includes strategic decisions on internal processes and required IT services.



Aggregation: Zusammenfassung von Merkmalen, um Zusammenhänge zu gewinnen, z.B. die Leistung einzelner Bereiche zur Gesamtleistung des Unternehmens.