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Services: Depending on the needs of its clients business aggregator europe offers different levels and modules of engagement in the process of the QMA© strategy in the European market:

1. Sales Representative: business aggregator europe takes over the sales task in the name of the client and generates and manages distribution partners or builds up direct sales. All back offices, financial and corporate activities will be covered by our client.

2. Representative Office: business aggregator europe serves as business development, sales, sales engineering, channel management, and customer support office for Europe with complete setup and management of the virtual subsidiary.

3. Subsidiary Setup: business aggregator europe staffs the local business entity (as a SE, SA, Ltd., GmbH), including general manager EMEA, sales, marketing and back office team to be handed over after a defined period.

The Mutual Business Plan: Key factor is to set up a Mutual Business Plan (MBP) at the earliest stage possible. The MBP includes the overall objectives, strategies and tactics including KPI, timelines, milestones, review points, sales targets, marketing activities, executive framework and escalation procedures. Additionally, the Mutual Business Plan includes all required resources for sales, communications (including the reinterpretation of the company profile and corporate identity in the European market), support, training and back office (integrating the given framework from corporate headquarters).

Cost structure. Depending on the level of engagement and the individual arrangements, the costs are split into direct payments and success dependent components (revenue-share). In any way, business aggregator europe offers a hassle free and flexible model based on the client’s needs and conditions to keep the financial strain as low as possible.

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Is remote business cost-effective? For 20 years we as team of business aggregator europe have seen a lot of start-ups and pre IPOs being doomed and failing because they do not enter target markets in regions seriously. The result is always the same – spending money for nothing. 

  • Low sales effort and dropping prices caused by partners who are not leveraged daily and in person
  • Huge problems in the lack of the understanding of business rules, cultures and people
  • Dramatically decreasing interest of partners in the co-operation after the first problems - once a partner lost you are out of favor.
Even though you as client may plan sales structures online: the business is still people‘s business.

Being pragmatic, a sales representative is the fastest way to start your business. We develop the market and generate revenues to refinance the growth according to the QMA© steps:

1. Mutual Business Plan (MBP)

  • Identify local competition and market requirements
  • Positioning, mission and core values for doing business in Europe, SWOT-analysis and clustering of target groups
  • Definition of sales system (direct, indirect, OEM)
  • Forecast, KPI and timeline

2. Development of sales structure and channels incl. IT services (campaign measurement, CRM)

  • Market coverage: lead generation, logistics and distribution management
  • Sales coverage: validation and qualification of  channel capabilities and customer base
  • Media coverage: marketing/communication and public relations
  • Reporting and forecasting



Aggregation: Zusammenfassung von Merkmalen, um Zusammenhänge zu gewinnen, z.B. die Leistung einzelner Bereiche zur Gesamtleistung des Unternehmens.